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Dr. Eric Chapman

The Importance of Routine Fecal Exams

"Best Vet Ever!"...His staff is fantastic as well, you can tell they really care about the animals..." -C.S.

Draper Animal Hospital, Draper, UT​​

Animal Chiropractic

Is your dog or cat limping, having difficulty with stairs, or "slowing down?"  Schedule an animal chiropractic evaluation with Dr. Chapman to improve the quality of life of your loved one. 


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Dianne M. - When Miss Mia's veterinarian retired and left the state, I was lost. ...Yes, I am fussy when it comes to how my Mia is going to be handled, cleanliness of the exam rooms and other areas that most people don't even think about questioning, such as treatment areas and the surgical rooms.  In other words, I was not only stuck, but beginning to wonder how I was going to get her medication including her vaccinations and heartworm medication and, of course, a reliable veterinarian.  I knew that the old Draper Animal Hospital had been sold and, with spending a lot of time in researching, I found Dr. Chapman and his staff.  I took a chance and made an appointment for the minor procedure of a nail trim.  That way, I could find out what I really wanted to know...who was going to take Miss Mia?  What a great surprise - a clean clinic, a great and friendly staff that was gentle and kind to the animals that were in there, and they wanted me to take a tour of the facility.  That is what surprised me the most...  It was great to be invited to look around and see how up-to-date everything was.  When I met Dr. Chapman he welcomed me to Draper Animal Hospital and answered all my questions without any hesitation.  He wanted me to know ...that Miss Mia and myself were welcomed back at any time.  Within a few weeks, Mia was due for her yearly physical, and I did not hesitate and had no problem getting an appointment.  Once again, I was treated with friendly service, but most of all, my Mia was treated like she was going to get the best of care.  Everything was explained: a great way to get... ...medication to my home from their website was set up while I was there.  Customer service has disappeared in the majority of places but not at Draper Animal Hospital.  I could not have been more pleased with the overall service from Dr. Chapman and everyone of his staff, (they) are at the very top of taking care of anyone's pets who enter the building.  I sincerely hope that Dr. Chapman never leaves for I have found a place for Miss Mia that I feel very comfortable with.  To Dr. Chapman and all of his staff...KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!  -A Big Thank You, Miss Mia-Noel & her Mom.

Joan E. - "When we moved from California to Utah, I took Bree back and forth to her vet in California.  Bree's vet in California ia amazing and I felt I would never find a vet in Utah that I would like as much as the vet in California.  I took Bree in to see Dr. Chapman and was so impressed from the time I made the call to the office visit.  Dr. Chapman has the best office staff I have seen in a very long time.  In fact, I have never seen such a wonderful staff.  Dr. Chapman is AMAZING with the phone calls he made himself to check on Bree.  This office really loves animals and their job.  Each call the office made to me was a wealth of information, checked on Bree, and took their time.  I love my dog, as she is a big part of our family.  Her doctor means so much to me that I drove to and from Utah to California to make sure she had the best vet.  Now I don't have to drive to California for her vet as we have found the best right here in Draper.  For all of you that want your animal to have the best office staff and vet, call Dr. Chapman and then enjoy your visit with your animal.  Remember, you are your dog's voice and they need to have the best care.  I totally trust this vet and his knowledge to make sure I have a happy, healthy pet.  Thank you to his staff and to Dr. Chapman for loving my dog!

Katherine M. - "Dr. Chapman is the best vet we have known in about 25 years of owning pets.  When our old dog Riley had to be put down last summer, Dr. Chapman came to the house after hours so Riley was able to lie under his favorite tree and not be moved.  His compassion and caring for Riley was so amazing, even though he had only seen Riley once.  Now he is helping us take care of another aging pet, and his thoughtful advice and diagnosis are really helping Bella have a much better quality of life.  I really trust Dr. Chapman with the care of our pets and wish we would have found him sooner!!  I can't wait till we have a new puppy to bring in to see him."

​​Nakole M. -"Truly amazing...I have one special needs dog...another that is afraid of people and has learned through aggression she can keep people at bay...The positive energy flowing through the clinic is wonderful...During the visits they (both of my dogs) are wagging their tails and giving kisses to all, which has never happened until now...The staff is very pleasant. They make you feel as if you are family, not just another customer. Did I mention, it's clean too(?)...I would absolutely recommend Draper Animal Hospital.  Thanks for making my four-legged kids comfortable and at ease."

Margaret K. - "In the twelve years of our dog Milly's life we had seen many vets of which they attended to her issues but I never got the feeling they really cared for her well-being.  That was until I met Dr. Chapman, he looked after Milly for over four years and I felt that he not only cared for her but cared for us as well...If you're looking for an honest, caring vet with a fantastic staff, you can't go past Draper Animal Hospital."

Dave D. - "I rarely write reviews, but when I find a local diamond in the rough, I feel compelled to do so. We have needed their (Draper Animal Hospital's) services on at least eight different occasions, including treating and putting down our 14 year old tabby cat, examining, vaccinating and neutering our new kitten 'Pee Wee,' and performing various miracles on our six year old yellow lab 'Marley.' On one occasion, our yellow lab all of a sudden was hunched over and could barely walk. We were really concerned and totally freaked out.  Dr. Chapman saw and treated him immediately.  After 20 minutes, Marley walked out almost normal, with a big smile on his face. I was completely blown away, I couldn't believe it. I highly recommend and can't say enough about Dr. Chapman and his staff at Draper Animal Hospital. Five stars in all categories, including professionalism, knowledge, cost of services, understanding and compassion. AWESOME ANIMAL HOSPITAL!"

Greg C.- "The Pareto Principle, 80-20, applies universally, and veterinary medicine is not an exception. It is easy to play Dr. Dolittle when the animal patient just needs a routine check up, a dose of vaccine, or a de-wormer. The less competent 80% of vets can easily deal with such cases, make a good impression and write you a bill. When our pet has a more serious problem, we start looking for these better 20%, and here is my recommendation: if your cat or dog is really sick, give Draper Animal Hospital a try.  It is worth a longer drive. They are competent, they care, and they charge very competitive prices." 

For your convenience, order your pet's medications, prescription foods, treats, toys, collars, and leashes through Draper Animal Hospital's ONLINE PHARMACY AND STORE. All items are delivered to your front door!


Is your pet limping or having difficulty with stairs? Schedule a chiropractic evaluation with Dr. Chapman to learn how to improve the quality of life for your loved one. 

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Animal Chiropractic

Dental health is directly related to your pet's heart health and overall well-being.

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"Truly amazing...They make you feel as if you're family, not just another customer"


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Proactive veterinary dentistry can save your pets from bad breath and a shortened life span. Oral infections left untreated can lead to serious infections of the heart valves, liver, and kidney.  Read more.

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